Qualtek’s Q-munity Adopts a Waterway

In May Qualtek adopted the Templeton Gap Floodway through Colorado Springs’ Adopt a Waterway program, https://coloradosprings.gov/adoptawaterway.

In adopting this Floodway we committed to clean up the waterway at least twice a year for two years. Trash and debris end up in the waterways clogging drainage systems, impacting wildlife, affecting water quality, and ruining the view of our natural landscapes. Qualtek employees, friends, and family spent 5 hours on a hot Friday morning to clean up a 1-mile stretch of the waterway. Qualtek employees earn one hour of paid time off (PTO) for every hour they volunteer on the project.

The volunteer’s efforts yielded 21 LARGE bags of trash. In addition to expected bags, plastic bottles, cans, and golf balls the group found car bumpers, rugs, a suitcase, and a skunk! As they worked, volunteers received cheers and salutes from bikers, runners and walkers. We hope our efforts will influence others to get out, get active, and create some good for the community and environment.

For the next cleanup, Qualtek will be partnering with Fountain Creek Watershed for the community-wide 3rd Annual Creek Week cleanup, which we are also sponsoring: http://fountain-crk.org/cleanup.

2 New Recycling Initiatives

cropped glovesThis spring, Qualtek began 2 new recycling programs. We are now recycling all latex and nitrile gloves. Using Terracycle® Zero waste boxes, we currently have three boxes in three recycle all glovesdifferent departments that use a Terracycle where the gloves are recycled to make other plastic goods. This will help Qualtek achieve our 2016 environmental goals and become more environmentally friendly.

Along with recycling latex gloves, we are recycling powder coat waste. We capture and send more that 200 pounds of Powder Coat Recyclingpowder coat waste at a time to Surplus Coatings® and they recycle the waste into rework processes or re-use the resin. Year to date, Qualtek recycled close to 500 pounds of powder coat waste that otherwise would have gone into the landfill.

Qualtek Employees Save Squirrel Bombur

Heartwarming True Story dumpster-squirrel2

Once upon a time, on a warm fall day, a squirrel named “Bombur” was gathering food for winter hibernation. He smelled the aroma coming from the landfill waste management bin located outside of Qualtek Manufacturing. Curiosity lead Bombur to investigate and with his amazing acrobatic skills, Bombur dove into the bin to find some food. When he determined there was nothing delicious to eat, he decided to leave the bin through the drainage hole located on the bottom of the bin. He squeezed his head and shoulders through the 2-inch hole but he got stuck midway because he was too fat from his eating over the summer.

Bombur was all alone and stuck with no way of escaping. Luckily, the next morning, Sir Earl the brave, threw his Starbucks cup away in the Qualtek waste bin. Sir Earl the Brave saw movement in the corner of the bin and realized a squirrel was flailing his legs trying to squeeze through the hole. Knowing that Qualtek is concerned with the environment and saving wildlife, Sir Earl the Brave summoned Sir Rick the Courageous and Sir Chris the Resolute to help rescue Bombur. They applied some powerful mineral oil on Bombur to make him slippery so he could slide out.

Despite their efforts, Bombur was still stuck. He legs started going numb and he thought that he was doomed. But the knights of Qualtek had not given up hope. They called the experts of “Critter Control” to the rescue. Armed with a neck lasso, they safely inched Bombur through the hole without injuring him. Bombur was placed in a cage for observation.

After determining that he was ok, he was released to the fields behind Qualtek’s building where his home was located. He returned to his family and told his kids stories about the kindness and environmentally conscious people of Qualtek. He is deeply grateful for the Knights of Qualtek and Critter Control. He lives happily ever after and still visits Qualtek regularly. But now he stays away from the bins.